John Clements
Euro Pigeon

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First 20 Pigeons flying over 700 miles with the NFC  Tarbes race in 2009
No. Open Sect. Fancier Town Sex Sent % in Res. Distance
1 3rd 1K Brian Denney York H 1/20 35% 748m 406y
2 4th 2K Brian Denney York C 2/20 35% 748m 406y
3 10th 1L John Clements Stockport H 1/4 50% 709m 242y
4 12th 3K Brian Denney York C 3/20 35% 748m 406y
5 17th 4K Oxley and Wilkinson Leeds C 1/3 33% 734m 439y
6 19th 5K Brain Denney York C 4/20 35% 748m 406y
7 24th 3L Hallam and Sayers Duckinfield H 1/8 25% 714m 1080y
8 30th 6K Brian Denney York C 5/20 35% 748m 406y
9 33rd 4L John Clements Stockport H 2/4 50% 709m 242y
10 37th 5L Hallam and Sayers Duckinfield H 2/8 25% 714m 1080y
11 39th 6L Brian Littlewood Stockport C 1/25 28% 708m 193y
12 44th 7K M/M N Bush Scunthorpe H 1/23 13% 718m 780y
13 56th 8K Brian Denney York H 6/20 35% 748M 406Y
14 85th 7L Brian Littlewood Stockport H 2/25 28% 708m 193y
15 105th 8L Paul Clements Wirral C 1/6 16% 713m 439y
16 114th 9K Chris Gordon Pontefract C 1/12 8% 725m 1372y
17 139th 9L Barber and Hilson Bury H 1/10 10% 724m 851y
18 141st 10L John Skelton Skipton C 1/3 33% 747m 1457y
19 148th 10K M/M N Bush Scunthorpe H 2/23 13% 718m 780y
20 150th 11L Brian Littlewood Stockport H 3/25 28% 708m 193y

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(The full NFC result extended to 533 pigeons, approx 14% of the entry, and consisted of 376 between 500-600miles, 108 between 600-700 miles and 49 over 700 miles.)
Sometimes, by isolating a particular aspect of a race and showing it in tabular form, an entirely new view emerges out of the overall result. This device acts in a similar way a ‘close up’  or ‘slow motion’ in filmmaking  creates drama.

When  and if the UK ever wants to influence and eventually export stock to other countries extracting particular categories is an ideal way.  Highlighting  British pigeons in a dramatic way appeals to those from other countries who wish to acquire ‘Water Crossing’ pigeons.  Those who study creative marketing know that drama creates history. History creates myth and myth sells pigeons.. Both sexes are potential ‘super’ myth creating individuals. They would be more highly prized than they apparently are if we learnt how to market rare pigeons that can fly 700 miles and cross the sea in the process.

The 2010 Tarbes race will be an International race where the UK at first sight is at a disadvantage but this disadvantage can be turned into an advantage if we learn how to display and market  our super pigeons in a category of their own. When this happens we will create ‘British Super Strains’ that will be eagerly bought to strengthen those lesser strains that are raced and bred over an easier course than ours.

John Clements