John Clements
Euro Pigeon

Copyright 2008 John Clements.
The Cornerstone of Everything

If the RPRA Council had any idea of the anguish they caused I think they would pack up. Unfortunately they have no idea and DNA testing as yet cannot detect the facility to produce anguish in others.

Unfortunately DNA and belief in genetic information is increasingly being toted in pigeon circles as the new way forward.

This kind of information and its use usually goes hand in hand with artificial insemination. Both are flawed but science as yet does not see the flaw any more than the RPRA Council sees its own anguish producing potential.

There is a link here and the link is clear if we study both the RPRA and the  millions of sperm attempting to fertilise every  egg. In the case of the sperm the most merit one element of genetic material before fertilisation occurs.

In the case of the RPRA under true democracy the most agile robust and knowledgeable minds should get on the RPRA Council before decisions are made. 

If this initial element of competition is missing in the sperm or in the RPRA we are always going to get second best and gradual decline.

The only way to avoid this happening is for true democracy to be instituted at the time of the initial selection.  In the case of the male sperm clear competition between competing sperm before they get to influence offspring.

In the case of the RPRA and its Councillors true competitive democracy before they get to influence decisions.

If we are so smug in our belief that we think we can afford to take the initial competition out inevitably a rapid fall will result.  We have to insist robust competition is present in both cases - the male sperm and male/female councillors.

In their own way both the male sperm and RPRA Councillors should compete against their peers for the ongoing chance to influence future events.

This is survival of the fittest - a cornerstone in Nature a cornerstone of natural order  - a cornerstone of everything we are inclined to attempt. Darwin up and dressed.

John Clements