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John Clements
A Hypothetical Examination
Lets invent a hypothetical situation in an effort to see what clubs are really like. Lets imagine the National Flying Club went bust and could no longer furnish its debt, pay its bills and the bailiffs were called in; we could then ask a further series of questions in an effort to find out what everybody thought, what would their attitude be and how the remaining specialist clubs in England would re position themselves in the light of there no longer being an operational a nation-wide club that could not only serve the Nation as a whole but set the standard for the rest of them.

We could further ask would the BICC or the BBC - two existing National clubs -expand their facilities to cover the vacant gap left by the NFC.  So far, while the National is still in operation they have been reluctant to do so. Would their attitude change should the NFC no longer continue to exist?  There is some doubt it would. 

The other scenario concerns the Midlands National, who happen to be the oldest and second largest English specialist club outside the National  yet does not serve the whole although it calls itself ‘National’.  Would the ‘Midlands National’ expand their boundaries South to the Channel coast and North to cover the whole as the NFC have done, thus assuming the vacant role left by the NFC?

We ask the question to find out if the Midlands National really want to expand their club, secondly if they want to serve the whole of England and thirdly want to set the new pigeon standard originally set by the NFC.  - Perhaps they would be content to stay where they are and together with the other ‘Specialist Clubs’ not really want change despite a gap being formed in the market.

If this is the case then England would not have a recognised National Club that could set the standard and boast service to the whole and if this was the case the ‘National idea’ first envisaged by Logan would die and England would a much worse pigeon country because of it.

If on the other hand we were to follow the Belgian example of having three fully operating National clubs who co-operate with each other then perhaps we could begin to rival Belgium as an important pigeon country in world terms. 

If this is our aspiration we should start now and be pro-active and not wait until calamity strikes as my hypothetical situation envisages. Some of the clubs I have mentioned could then aspire to be fully ‘National’ in deed as well as in name but names are the easiest thing to conjure up, we have been conjuring fancy sounding club names over the last 50 years or so, deeds are a little more difficult.