John Clements
Euro Pigeon

Lost - the ability to improve the sport
Copyright 2010-2011 John Clements.
John Clements
The RPRA in recent years has been so engaged with defending its elevated control status it has lost the ability to improve the sport. They just do not have any ideas of how to do it so automatically as consequence of this lack of ideas - the sport gradually gets worse year by year.

When you come to think of it, this situation is not all that surprising - the methods by which councillors, through regions are elected does not filter out poor inefficient unaware uneducated illiterate delegates for largely the method is not competitive in a way that finds out the best delegates. What is left is a cabal of long time serving councillors who dominate proceedings and monopolise decisions in favour of a status quo that is no longer serving the sport and can no longer deliver or find quality in both pigeons and fanciers.   The situation is so bad the present council actively discourages any kind of quality recognition lest by comparison it degrades themselves and their performance.

Region meetings are not well attended so the choice pool is limited. Regions are basically parochial discussion venues and because of this they are not the sort of place where any comparison between UK methods and the methods of other countries can be meaningfully discussed so it just does not happen and as a consequence the RPRA is never pushed to improve. 

We donít have to look very far to see the effects - I will list one or two of them.

1.Small inefficient local clubs of three or four competing members.

2.Federations getting increasingly small, unaware and also inefficient.

3.The poor editorial quality of the Homing World

4.Increasing disregard by many fanciers of their expected conduct in relations with non-fanciers. (The Stray Problem)

5.The shortage of Club secretaries.

6.Non-recognition of International performances by RPRA members.

7.Restrictive practices by National clubs who although National by role do not encourage National participation.

There are many other examples but this is a start.