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John Clements
Necessary Passion
I should think it is impossible to be a successful Football manager who does not have a passion for the game.  This passion exemplified by the likes of Shanklin. Ferguson, Clough, Wegner, Mercer and others borders on a kind of spiritual love for football tempered at the same time with a necessary hard man approach to the money side of football.
Nevertheless it is obviously wrong to suggest that their motivation was purely money, it obviously wasn’t;  there is something else that drives them and that something else can be frightening should anyone close to this type man attempt to put money before passion all the time.

Still in spite of all this, it is evident football has lost something in modern times.

Pigeon racing started out with a similar spiritual ideal but gradually over the years Pigeon Racing, as it is practiced today, has also lost a vital part of its original heritage. The spirit has largely gone and the guiding inspiration that used to belong in pigeon racing has now been replaced in our mental pecking order by a greater motivation from selling pigeons, even inferior ones. 

Of course I am realistic enough to know the world or any world cannot exist without money but unbridled money, uncontrolled money, is quite another thing. Uncontrolled anything almost always leads to disaster. There has to be a balance between living in the world and being inspired by the spirit.

When inspiration comes only from money, inspiration dries up, and that is what has happen to the modern pigeon sport. Inspiration has largely dried up. Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall and only a spiritually inspired manager like those in still in football and a few in pigeons can put Humpty back together again. 

Unfortunately it will never be an association, either football or pigeons, that will do the job.