John Clements
Euro Pigeon

Copyright 2008 John Clements.
Give enough rope.

The old saying "Give enough rope" is now beginning to apply. The sport is in fact beginning to tie itself in a tangle of excuses that may or may not result in a hanging.
Mr. McGrady's letter in the BHW on the14th of March was the initial stage of a complaint. Certainly a basic condition of any sale anywhere in the UK, that of ownership, was not made clear to Mr McGrady nor for that matter was it clear which parties in fact formed the contract between himself who was doing the buying and the vendor who was doing the selling. Alas the sport has come to expect this sort of thing and have up to now (as a sport) done very little about it. So much rope has been extended and so little control exercised in this regard that some of those who conduct and organise sales have in fact abused a basic privilege implicit at the start of any sale, that of starting out from a position of trust where all parties have the intention of telling the whole truth. If this disappears then surely everyone selling pigeons will suffer because of a few and inevitably the sport as a whole will become contaminated with lack of trust.

We have to find a way where self-policing works so that ownership is clear, results are clear and Mr average is encouraged to access accurate information and that Clubs and the RPRA are encouraged to provide it. Eventually we will get to a situation where accurate information switches people on and half-truths turn them off.

John Clements