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John Clements

This is a summary of the percentage of birds clocked by section from the National Flying Club Tarbes race in 2011.

Roughly the higher percentages (most clocked) are from the shortest distances (sections A and B). Percentages gradually decrease as the distance increases. But there are a few exceptions . Section C had a low percentage although flying a shorter distance.  Sections flying roughly similar distance (section J) had a low percentage compared with section I and H. Also section L had a low percentage in comparison to section K where both sections are flying roughly a similar distance.   
27.03%      28.63%      14,11%     21.73%     20.07%     20.16%      21.46%     16.25%     17.20%      11.57%     16.74%     12.44%
      2nd    1st    10th    3rd      6th     5th     4th      9th    7th    12th    8th    11th
The Average overall from  3,290  sent was 668 or 20.30% timed.

It would appear from these stats that not all sections have an equal chance in "Open Pools"  - This being the case thne it might help the clubs income to allow "Open Pools" to be set at three levels - 1 in 6 - 1 in 12 and 1 in 20 to reflect this percentage difficulty. If this were to happen it might encourage more individuals to "Open pool" thus earning the club income they currently fail to gather because disadvantaged sections now consider they do not have an even chance and subsequently do not pool in the "Open".