John Clements
Euro Pigeon

Copyright 2008 John Clements.
The uncertainty of it all.

If you understand and can appreciate uncertainty in pigeons you will be a lot better fancier. Uncertainty pervades the sport whether it be the uncertainty of breeding good pigeons or the uncertainty of actual racing; uncertainty is everywhere at every turn. Most fanciers try (unsuccessfully I might add) to take the uncertainty out of pigeon racing. They try a number of strategies all of which are uncertain.  They try sending a bigger team than their competitors or by keeping and breeding more than their competitors. They also try reducing the distance in which they compete to reduce uncertainty or increasing the education and training of the race team to the point where every pigeon is supposedly so certain uncertainty is ruled out.

All these strategies are very well but racing pigeons is a part of the much bigger picture of nature the universe and everything (as science is now beginning to prove).  For instance ideas in Quantum Mechanics such as the Uncertainty Principle  (Google it) and in Mathematics such as Ďtheorems of incompletenessí (Google that also) and in space time and low temperatures such as relativity and super conductivity, all go a long way to prove that supposed certainty is an illusion so why chase it?  It is much better even in pigeons to adopt a general plan that takes nature into account. A plan that takes what we donít know rather than force our pigeons like well-drilled soldiers to comply with what we think we know. By trying to be certain we are in actual fact getting worse but for some worse is better or so they would have us believe. We certainly canít be certain about that.

John Clements